Day Job

2010-05-01 15:54:27 by nathanallenpinard

So there's a misconception that I make tons of cash of music, which tends to make me look arrogant. Lately I've been kind of bashed on these forums for using the wrong choice of words (albiet my fault for posting at 5am) because I attending such and such session or I did a Disney project.

As a result of my income via music, I am forced to find a day job. Luckily I have found something CLOSE to music.

I now am an employee at doing customer service, in which I assist with accounts and web design questions, talking to 100% musicians as clients. It should be an enjoyable job and restore a bit of overall confidence in my self, and my music. I think that's important overall in life, as you can get really down on yourself if things aren't going right, and you have to check your wallet every time you buy someone a drink at the local pub.

I DO NOT plan to stop making music, but will focus my efforts on single projects. Before money was an issue, and time was not. Now, it might be the opposite. It's going to be tough coming home from an 8 hour job and working even more on music.


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