2010-03-16 11:55:19 by nathanallenpinard

I keep forgetting about this page, so I'm going to do one large update:

NOTE: These pieces are NOT under the CC license and are not available for use.


This is a series of pieces I wrote for an indie game, utilizing only Cinematic Strings for strings.

I did put some verb on it using Peter Roo's L96 IRs.

I'm still not 100% with this lib, but I'm getting there. There are a few moments that I can tell. Mainly because I can sometimes swell a bit much. Vibrato control is an art form as well.

http://www.nathanallenpinard.com/music /br-weathertower.mp3

http://www.nathanallenpinard.com/music /br-callmatthias.mp3 (featuring The Trumpet)

http://www.nathanallenpinard.com/music /br-matthiasdoor.mp3

Here are some more modern sci-fi'ish pieces I did using entirely omnisphere, ,trillian, and RMX. I'm getting a bit more creative with it, but I've got a long way to go. Due to the way I compose, I usually use the presets and add effects. These are loops for the game. They are meant to be repetitive but then "pop out" at times.

http://www.nathanallenpinard.com/music /br-scifi-susloop.mp3

http://www.nathanallenpinard.com/music /br-thedirector.mp3

Here's a loop that I used SD2, Tsaiko, and Tonehammer's Ambience lib on. It's a very simple droning piece with some drums. I decided to go the opposite way when it comes to "boss" music.

http://www.nathanallenpinard.com/music /br-boss.mp3

All the tracks above are for the indie game "Boryokudan Rue" set to release soon.

And finally for another game, I wrote a new age/orchestra inspired piece using CS, PMI's Old Lady piano, Omnisphere, Tsaiko, and SD2. This is a WIP as I intend to remix a bit, and add a live nepal flute.

http://www.nathanallenpinard.com/music /NAP_AlaskanW_V2.00.mp3


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2010-03-20 22:56:44

Honestly dude, you need to seriously consider cutting your own CD for this style of music. It is incredibly relaxing!

I have always loved smooth jazz, but never got into it a whole lot since there was an aspect to it that was always missing in my mind. Everything else!

I think with a combination of electronic and jazz instruments, and various miscellaneous sounds to add to all of the arrangements, you can create a stunning sound.

Btw the fourth sound hurt my ears once the chords hit in. I'd suggest lowering the frequency or something. Good song though