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Posted by nathanallenpinard - January 11th, 2011

It's been a while since I've posted anything on NG as I've been very busy. Well...here's one of the reasons why! I've been working on a project for the last 2 years, and PRE-ORDERS are now available! Details below:


Gemini Rue Title

NEW YORK, January 11, 2011 - Independent publisher Wadjet Eye Games and developer Joshua Nuernberger are announcing a partnership to commercially release Gemini Rue for PC. This retro-style adventure game, which combines creative point and click gameplay with a gripping sci-fi / noir narrative, was an Independent Game Festival Student Showcase winner in 2010. Gemini Rue will release February 24 from http://www.geminirue.com, with preorders starting today.

Gemini Rue (formerly known as Boryokudan Rue) is an intense adventure set in a bleak future dominated by the corrupt Boryokudan crime syndicate. Players assume the roles of two very different characters: Azriel Odin, an ex-assassin searching for a defector from the Gemini system, and "Delta-Six," a hospital inmate whose memory has been wiped by mysterious, Big Brother types. As fate brings the two men together, players explore a world where life is cheap, identities are bought and sold, and a simple quest for redemption can change an entire galaxy's fate.

Created with the Adventure Game Studio engine, Gemini Rue features a verb-based interface, hand-painted backgrounds, professional voice acting, and an original soundtrack composed by Nathan Allen Pinard. In-game commentary can be turned on to reveal development insights and bloopers, providing replay value.

"When Josh first showed us Gemini Rue, we knew we had something very special on our hands," says Dave Gilbert, Wadjet Eye Games' founder and CEO. "It's the type of game that keeps you on the edge of your seat. We played until we couldn't keep our eyes open, then eagerly started playing again when we woke up. Working with Josh to finish up the game has been a blast, and we're excited to finally share it with the world!"

Starting today, Gemini Rue can be preordered in both downloadable and limited edition CD versions. The download costs $14.99 and will be made available to purchasers upon Gemini Rue's February 24 release. The limited edition CD, which will only be sold during the preorder period, costs $24.99 including free shipping worldwide. Expected to ship in March, the CD release will include the game, a full MP3 soundtrack, and professional packaging, as well as free access to the downloadable version when Gemini Rue launches online.

To get a first look at the game or place a preorder, visit the official Gemini Rue website at http://www.geminirue.com.

Check out the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foZp9To BewA

Gemini Rue PRE-ORDERS Available!

Posted by nathanallenpinard - June 15th, 2010

Posted by nathanallenpinard - May 1st, 2010

So there's a misconception that I make tons of cash of music, which tends to make me look arrogant. Lately I've been kind of bashed on these forums for using the wrong choice of words (albiet my fault for posting at 5am) because I attending such and such session or I did a Disney project.

As a result of my income via music, I am forced to find a day job. Luckily I have found something CLOSE to music.

I now am an employee at hostbaby.com doing customer service, in which I assist with accounts and web design questions, talking to 100% musicians as clients. It should be an enjoyable job and restore a bit of overall confidence in my self, and my music. I think that's important overall in life, as you can get really down on yourself if things aren't going right, and you have to check your wallet every time you buy someone a drink at the local pub.

I DO NOT plan to stop making music, but will focus my efforts on single projects. Before money was an issue, and time was not. Now, it might be the opposite. It's going to be tough coming home from an 8 hour job and working even more on music.

Posted by nathanallenpinard - April 6th, 2010

Now released for your listening pleasure! We present Machiniscores! Now available in our new online store!

Note: This album is available for digital download only. We accept currently PayPal only. However, it should be noted that PayPal allows you to pay via various methods including credit/debit cards.


Product Info:

Have you ever wanted to hear the music behind the machinima? Now you can! Nathan Allen Pinard has written scores for countless machinima companies including Oxhorn Brand Movies, Bakasavants Productions, and Firebolt Productions. Listen to scores from some of the most popular machinima makers in the business! This album is packed with 21 songs totalling 85 minutes of music!

Track List:

1. Acolyte (Firebolt Productions)

2. Inventing Swear Words Theme (Oxhorn Brand Movies)

3. A Journey Begins (from Inventing Swear Words 3 by Oxhorn Brand Movies)

4. Mort's Serenade (from Inventing Swear Words 3 by Oxhorn Brand Movies)

5. We Eat Flesh! (Oxhorn Brand Movies)

6. Attack of the 50ft...Turtle? (from Hat vs Barnaby by Oxhorn Brand Movies)

7. Chronicle of the Annoying Quest Theme (Bakasavants Productions)

8. Awakened (from Associate Professor Evil Kills All Ninja Looters by Oxhorn Brand Movies)

9. This. Is. My Wedding! (from Inventing Swear Words 4 by Oxhorn Brand Movies)

10. The Ugly Goblin's Christmas (Firebolt Productions)

11. Of Epic Proportions (from Oxhorn's Christmas Tree by Oxhorn Brand Movies)

12. Rescue Me (from Oxhorn's Christmas Tree by Oxhorn Brand Movies)

13. The Way Of Life (Firebolt Productions)

14. Dance of the Sugar Plum Mailbox Dancers (from Oxhorn's Christmas Tree by Oxhorn Brand Movies)

15. The Plan (from Inventing Swear Words 5 by Oxhorn Brand Movies)

16. Infiltrating the HQ (from Inventing Swear Words 5 by Oxhorn Brand Movies)

17. The Annoying Gold Seller (from Might Morphin Midget Gnomes Unite by Oxhorn Brand Movies)

18. The Gnarled Claw of Morheim (from Associate Professor Evil Kills All Ninja Looters by Oxhorn Brand Movies)

19. You're Fired (from Associate Professor Evil Kills All Ninja Looters by Oxhorn Brand Movies)

20. Thunk Leaves Home (Oxhorn Brand Movies)

21. The Ultimate Showdown (from Might Morphin Midget Gnomes Unite by Oxhorn Brand Movies)

New Album "Machiniscores" and Online Store Launched!

Posted by nathanallenpinard - March 16th, 2010

I keep forgetting about this page, so I'm going to do one large update:

NOTE: These pieces are NOT under the CC license and are not available for use.


This is a series of pieces I wrote for an indie game, utilizing only Cinematic Strings for strings.

I did put some verb on it using Peter Roo's L96 IRs.

I'm still not 100% with this lib, but I'm getting there. There are a few moments that I can tell. Mainly because I can sometimes swell a bit much. Vibrato control is an art form as well.

http://www.nathanallenpinard.com/music /br-weathertower.mp3

http://www.nathanallenpinard.com/music /br-callmatthias.mp3 (featuring The Trumpet)

http://www.nathanallenpinard.com/music /br-matthiasdoor.mp3

Here are some more modern sci-fi'ish pieces I did using entirely omnisphere, ,trillian, and RMX. I'm getting a bit more creative with it, but I've got a long way to go. Due to the way I compose, I usually use the presets and add effects. These are loops for the game. They are meant to be repetitive but then "pop out" at times.

http://www.nathanallenpinard.com/music /br-scifi-susloop.mp3

http://www.nathanallenpinard.com/music /br-thedirector.mp3

Here's a loop that I used SD2, Tsaiko, and Tonehammer's Ambience lib on. It's a very simple droning piece with some drums. I decided to go the opposite way when it comes to "boss" music.

http://www.nathanallenpinard.com/music /br-boss.mp3

All the tracks above are for the indie game "Boryokudan Rue" set to release soon.

And finally for another game, I wrote a new age/orchestra inspired piece using CS, PMI's Old Lady piano, Omnisphere, Tsaiko, and SD2. This is a WIP as I intend to remix a bit, and add a live nepal flute.

http://www.nathanallenpinard.com/music /NAP_AlaskanW_V2.00.mp3

Posted by nathanallenpinard - November 24th, 2009

Read about the Disney Album I was a part of!

You can find the album on just about any music outlet.

Check it out on Amazon!

Posted by nathanallenpinard - October 27th, 2009

Posted by nathanallenpinard - October 17th, 2009

I've uploaded a new site design, as some might have known via Twitter. You can see the new site design at http://www.nathanallenpinard.com.

What's new is I've started a blog system, which logs all the activity on what projects I'm working on. Since Oxhorn's Xmas CD is the priority, you can check out what's going on with that CD here. Any other projects will be documented. Information given will be based on any NDA's, or agreements signed/agreed to.

Nathan Allen Pinard - Project Log

Note: You won't be finding any sneak peaks or anything of the sort. I simply describe what styles, techniques, software, etc I'm working with. I've done my best to not reveal much.

It's best to keep up with my entries via Twitter, so follow nathanpinard on Twitter.
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Posted by nathanallenpinard - June 15th, 2009

One of the first projects Nathan Allen Pinard was involved in was a inspirational worship album that was a family project. The result was lots of experience working with musicians, writing parts, sequencing, performance, and working with as well as learning from top grade studio engineer, Steve Sundholm.

As a result, there are a number of contacts that Nathan has recieved, and projects he has been a part of specifically because of this project.

"A Cup For You" was a CD that was self-released long ago, and rarely has been seen in any kind of store. However, due to the convenience of the internet today, we've decided to re-release A Cup For You for only $6.99 on Amazon.com for digital download!

Excerpt from CD inlay:

"A collection of original inspirational/worship songs featuring Nathan Allen Pinard's unique orchestral arrangements using both synthesized and acoustic instrumentation. This album of worship is the personal expression of Bonnie Anne's faith and love in her Savior the Lord Jesus Christ."

Purchase "A Cup For You" at Amazon.com for $6.99!

Posted by nathanallenpinard - June 15th, 2009

The new design for www.nathanallenpinard.com has been launched. We felt the other design was nice, but overly too complicated to view information or find music.

So we've launched a new site with these features:

* New color scheme
* More user friendly interface
* Chat room with embedded live audio feed
* Forums for discussions
* Better comment system for blog posts
* Embedded MP3 Player for quick demo auditioning

More features will be added in the future, as well as some changes in the design. We hope you enjoy the site, and feel free to comment on this post to suggest ideas for the site that are not present or could be changed.

Thank you!